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What to Buy Organic at Aldi: 125+ Items for Your List

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If you’ve shopped at Aldi in the past few years, you probably already know how amazing the deals on fresh, whole-food ingredients there are. However, if it’s been several years since you’ve checked out the discount grocery chain, you may be shocked to find all the great deals on organic items. Are you curious about what to buy organic at Aldi in 2020? Stick around then, because we have more than 100 items to fill your cart for your next #aldihaul!

We’re giving you a comprehensive look at (possibly) everything you can buy organic at Aldi. When you’re finished, put those groceries to work in one of our Aldi meal plans on a budget!

Gotta love a good #aldihaul 🙂

Real quickly before we get into the list, most of their organic products are under the Simply Nature Organic line. They also have dozens of Simply Nature products that aren’t organic, but still overall good choices when it comes to making better food choices. Remember, ORGANIC IS ALWAYS NON-GMO, but Non-GMO alone doesn’t mean it’s organic. Products, prices, and selection vary from region to region. Produce prices vary from season to season. (Find out more about how eating seasonally saves you money in this post.) To be clear… we don’t actually stock the shelves at Aldi, so if you see something here that you don’t have at your local store… don’t @ us!! We’re just the messengers.

Can you get all your groceries at Aldi?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors. While our family loves Aldi, we also shop local first (we typically have local beef, pork, and occasionally chicken in our freezer, and use local food markets, co-ops, CSAs, farmer’s market, etc. for any and everything we can. We also garden what we can, but are learning how to deal with deer who live on our property 😉 We are also fans of Kroger and even Walmart. I’m in southern West Virginia, so the prices you see in pictures will be from that region. Ali and Lindsey are in Tennessee, and Jodi is in Ohio, so they have additional options there. (Giant FOMO on their Trader Joe’s and Sprouts accessibility)

What To Buy Organic At Aldi

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(NOTE: We don’t buy all our produce organic, typically only the produce where you eat the peel or skin. Check out more in-depth references and a free printable list in our Organic Start Guide.)



Grapes (2 pounds)








Mini seedless cucumbers

(I’m not sure what happened to these locally, but they’ve typically stocked a pound for $3.49… couldn’t find them in-store to get a picture.

Grape tomatoes

NOTE: I’ve noticed Aldi has moved toward using regional produce much more frequently when available. Check the box or container/ bag tag for a closer look.


Aldi Organic Produce | Fourganic Sisters

Spring mix

Mixed greens

Baby spinach

Arugula mix

Chopped Kale


A pound of organic baby carrots ranges from about $1.09-$1.99, depending on week.

Potato Medley


Mini snacking peppers

Bell Peppers


NOTE: While not organic, we frequently buy plenty of produce that’s conventional and on the Clean 15 (or at least not on the Dirty Dozen) at Aldi. including sweet potatoes, pineapples, pomegranates, avocados, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, etc.






-Cinnamon Raisin


Tortilla Chips

blue corn

-yellow corn


White Cheddar puffs

Lightly salted popcorn

Grass-fed beef jerky







-Whole Wheat Spaghetti



Bean Pasta varieties

-Edamame spaghetti

black bean spaghetti

-soybean spaghetti

Marinara sauce

Tomato Basil sauce






-chipotle lime

double fire-roasted

habanero and ancient grains

Canned Goods

Black beans

Pinto beans

Kidney beans

Diced tomatoes

Chicken broth

Low-sodium chicken broth

Beef broth

Vegetable broth

Brown Rice

White Rice


90-second quinoa and brown rice

90-second seven grains

Powdered Sugar

Brown Sugar

Turbinado Sugar

Coconut Sugar

Chia Seeds

Flax Seeds

Olive oil

Coconut oil

(Not organic- but Avocado oil and Ghee)

Macaroni and cheese

Peanut butter

Just peanuts and salt 🙂



Salad dressings



-oil and vinegar

aged Balsamic

chipotle ranch

NOTE: We typically make our own salad dressings (Lindsey is working on a great post with some really easy combos), but if you’re in a pinch, these will do. I don’t love that they’re soybean-oil based, but they are cleaner than many options available.



-Italian seasoning

chili powder

garlic powder

ground ginger


ground cumin

thyme leaves

-basil leaves

-ground cinnamon

-oregano leaves


Granola cereal

-Apple Walnut

Tropical Mango Passion

Pumpkin Seed and Flax

-Coconut Chia

Cinnamon Raisin

Oats and Honey

Instant oatmeal

-Apple Cinnamon

-Oats and Flax

-Maple Spice

NOTE: We prefer old-fashioned rolled oats to instant oats, but this could be a good option for some. At one point, Aldi did carry Simply Nature Organic old-fashioned rolled oats in a canister, so fingers crossed they bring it back one day! We usually get our oats from a local health food store for $8.99/5-pound bag.





Roasted red pepper


Cold-pressed juice (possibly seasonal $1.99 Last time I was in store quantities were extremely limited.) They often have seasonal Aldi Finds similar to this though, so keep an eye out!


-Sliced white cheddar

-Sliced Colby Jack

-Shredded Mexican blend

-Shredded mozzarella


Whole milk

2% milk

Fat-free milk

Almond milk


Vanilla soymilk

Cage-Free Eggs

Whole Milk Plain Yogurt

Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt

Greek yogurt


Chicken breast

Whole chicken

Grass-fed beef (I think the $4.99 price was a temporary markdown- it’s typically $5.29/pound. However, about every 4-6 weeks you can get a Family Fresh Pack of 4 pounds of organic, grass-fed beef for $4.49/pound.)

Seasonal Organic Chicken Sausage

Aldi Organic Chicken Sausage | Fourganic Sisters

Varies from season to season but in the past year I’ve seen:

-Italian chicken sausage

-Spinach chicken sausage

-Hatch Chile chicken sausage

-BBQ chicken sausage

-Tomato Basil chicken sausage

-Pesto chicken sausage

Grass-fed hot dogs

(Special buys– usually seasonal, i.e. turkey around Thanksgiving, steak during summer grilling season, etc.)

-Whole turkeys

-Chuck Roast


-Grass-fed beef stew meat



Simply Nature Organic frozen broccoli

-Broccoli florets


Aldi Organic Frozen Veggies

-Mixed Vegetables

-Green Beans

-Sweet peas








Baby food

Assorted pouch varieties


They also carry organic, fair-trade coffee in bags and K-cups, organic apple juice and lemonade, assorted juice boxes, etc. , and granola bars (not a fan of these!)

They have plenty of Aldi Finds that may be in stock temporary, like frozen organic sweet potatoes and butternut squash, bagged nuts, seasonal breads, snacks, etc. There are some AWESOME Aldi-loving Instagram accounts, so if you’re curious about what’s been spotted in stores recently, search #aldifinds. 🙂

More on what to buy organic at Aldi

A few more quick notes about shopping at Aldi. (You can skip these if you’re a veteran Aldi go-er)

1.) Bring a quarter for your cart

One way Aldi keeps prices low is having fewer employees. They won’t have someone patrolling the parking lot for rogue carts.

(FYI- if you’re a germaphobe <like me> or your kid likes to lick carts while you’re strolling the aisles. <also me sometimes> you may also want to BYO cleaning wipe to give that thing a good scrubbing. P.S. Our newest Aldi has double buggies… so if you’re carting around multiple kids, this feature is AWESOME!!)

2.) BYOB

 (the second B=bag… but side note… you may want to pick up a six-pack of their beer while you’re there. They have some great seasonal brews if you’re into that sort of thing) You can buy paper bags for $0.07 or heavy-duty plastic ones for $0.10. I always try to keep a few reusable bags in the back of our car for Aldi trips. {A cooler like this is also handy.} You can also snag a few cardboard boxes while you’re shopping (ours keeps a big tower full of them) and just load your groceries in those. You’ll have to bag your own after you check out.

3.) Ad timing

Their weekly ads run Sunday-Saturday, but their “special buys” and any weekly meat specials start on WEDNESDAYs.  

We will try to keep this post as updated as possible since Aldi is constantly stepping up their organic grocery game. Tell us in the comments, what did we miss? What do you wish they carried organic but don’t yet? (Ground turkey and block cheese, please and thanks!)

EVERYTHING Organic You Can Buy At Aldi in 2020 | Fourganic Sisters


  1. Ashley
    Ashley February 5, 2020

    We love ALDI! Lidl is another favorite but I don’t think they are as prominent in the US yet.
    A great list for buying organic. Thanks for sharing

    • Darrah
      Darrah February 7, 2020

      We’ve heard rumors of Lidl coming to the area… I’ve heard great things about it! Fingers crossed! 🙂

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