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The 10 Best Freezer Pop Molds (+How to Fill Them)

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These top 10 best freezer pop molds are adorable, affordable, and SO fun for the summer. (or anytime the weather hits 70+ degrees!) We are continuing to enjoy our summer at home, and having plenty of sweet, healthy treats on hand is helping. Making our own freezer pops is (usually) way more frugal than buying the “healthy” options at the grocery store. My three kids (2, 5, & 7) LOVE helping pick out flavors and filling the molds. (And of course, eating them!)

Here are our top 10 favorite molds for summer 2020. Some of them are ones we’ve used for years, and some are new to us this year. Most of them can be found on Amazon so we’ve linked for your convenience. You could also find a few in the Target app (easy Drive Up order!), or even stores like Big Lots and Aldi.

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1. koji Ring Popsicle Molds

We grabbed these from a Target Drive-up order and they are absolutely adorable. They are really easy to fill. You just pop the ring part on top and freeze. When they’re ready to eat, just gently pull up.

Ring Pop Freezer Mold | Fourganic Sisters

The silicone easily releases the pops. There are several different shapes (my kids fight over the hearts :)) We’ve filled them with our favorite smoothie recipes, coconut water blended with fruit, and more. Our favorite pop so far was actually saving a yucky watermelon from being wasted. It was one of those mealy, not-so-flavorful melons that are not quite fit for eating. We try to be the least wasteful we can be, so we simply blended watermelon with a little honey and lime juice and froze. It was perfect!

To fill these molds you’ll need about 2 cups of cut watermelon. Add juice from a lime if you have one. Add a tablespoon or two of honey. Blend and fill. Freeze overnight.

2. Tovolo Ice Pop Flexible Silicone Freezer Molds, Set of 4 Unique Monsters

These molds are scary cute! Our Hulk Smash Smoothie recipe (nice and green!) would be perfect for these molds.

3. Joie Unicorn Mini Chocolate and Freeze Pop Mold

or (Joie Unicorn Ice Pop Mold, Non-Stick Silicone)

We got similar molds from Aldi (for $2.99!) recently, and they are so fun!

Best Popsicle Molds for Summer | Fourganic Sisters

Check out the cute unicorns we made. For these pops we used:

  • 1 banana
  • 1/2 vanilla yogurt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 5-6 strawberries (tops cut off)

Blend and fill molds. You can either drink the excess or fill additional molds. Freeze 8 hours or overnight.

4. Baby silicone molds

These are great for little teething kiddos. Bonus: they double as egg/muffin molds you can pop into your Instant Pot!

5. Silcone molds

These make a pretty classic style freezer pop. Using silicone has been really easy. Plus, it’s so easy to clean! We have similar classic molds and I love a fudge pop in these!

Best Freezer Pop molds for summer | Fourganic Sisters

We’ve been loving Yummy Toddler Food’s Creamy Fudge Pop recipe.

6. Helpcook Silicone Ice Pop Molds,Multicolored

We’ve had molds like this for about 6-7 years. We’ve used them for homemade go-gurt and frozen smoothies. They are perfect for a push-pop style popsicle. They are awesome for freezing yogurt or smoothies in and packing in lunchboxes for a fun treat.

7. Frozip 125 Disposable Ice Popsicle Mold Bags

If you’re used to the classic ice pops, this is the mold for you. They are disposable bags you can fill with your own creations. (Mama wouldn’t say no to a frosé 😉 )

8. Ouddy Popsicle Molds Set of 2

These are smaller versions of the classic ice pop molds, but they are great for little hands! Sometimes you just need a little sweet treat pick-me-up to satisfy a craving.

9. 4PCS Silicone Popsicle Mold Ice Cream

Disney fan? Check out these little Mickey-themed molds! I like that there is a good variety happening here. The pineapple is equally adorable. How about a Dole Whip freezer pop recipe to fill them? Check out One Lovely Life’s vegan Dole Whip Popsicle recipe here.

10. Zoku Dino Pop Molds

Have a little dino lover in the house? We sure do! (Check out where we get our organic dino chicken nuggets here!)

best freezer pop molds for summer

We picked up these dino molds at Aldi for $2.99 this summer, and here are some similar ones on Amazon. The Zoku ones are 3-D! They release by pulling up like the ring pop ones.

Make the Most of Summer with These Fun Freezer Pop Molds

We hope you find one or two molds you think your family would love! Before you leave, could you pin this post for later? Thanks friends! Tell us in the comments, what’s your favorite freezer pop flavor?

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