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One-Week Vegetarian Meal Plan from Aldi

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Herbivore Aldi-lovers-this one’s for you! Seven whole days of a vegetarian meal plan from Aldi! While the sisters are mostly omnivores, we do meatless meals multiple times a week for frugality’s (and health’s) sake. We’ve been wanting to do a couple full vegetarian Aldi meal plans for awhile, since we have many vegetarian friends. Look for more to come in the near future!

Keep in mind we’re not dieticians or physicians (more on that biz here), we’re just average-ish moms who love to meal plan and save money. These meals will be a bit less than $10 a night. If you need some breakfast inspo, we’ve got that here. A guide on what to buy organic at Aldi is available here. Feel free to change up the days in the meal plan to suit your needs. If you’re not feeling the taco bowls, here are 21 More Veggie Taco Ideas.

These meals comfortably feed my family of five (two grownups, three kids ages 2, 5, & 7) with leftovers some days. To grab the shopping list (you can screenshot on your phone or print out a copy) click the link at the bottom of the list of dinners. Know that price and availability can vary from region to region. (My Aldi is the Barboursville, WV location.)

1-Week Vegetarian Aldi Meal Plan

Sunday-Goat cheese/apple grilled cheese/veggie chips

Monday– Mediterranean Veggie Bowls

Tuesday-Taco Bowls

Wednesday-Pineapple Veggie Stir-Fry

Thursday-Strawberry Spinach Salad with Goat cheese, Baked Sweet Potatoes

Friday-Veggie Loaded Naan Pizzas

Saturday-Mushroom Spinach Garlic Rice

Before You Go…

Pin to your dinner ideas, meal planning, or meatless Pinterest boards! Let us know in the comments, do you want more vegetarian Aldi meal plans? What’s your favorite dinner on the plan? What are we missing from this one? We would love your feedback!

One-Week Aldi Vegetarian Meal Plan | Fourganic Sisters

A couple of tools that could make this meal plan even easier to execute:

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