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Kid-Friendly Aldi Meal Plan for 2020

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Do you struggle getting your kids to eat what you make for dinner? I haven’t met a parent yet who doesn’t at some point! The dinners in this kid-friendly Aldi meal plan (2020) are tried and true family favorites that shouldn’t get many complaints from the peanut gallery.

A couple of quick notes, the salmon cakes are more time-consuming than some of the other dishes. If you’d prefer to swap them out for a different night, feel free. The days are just suggestions. Another option would be to roast the salmon the day before (while you’re roasting broccoli) and then you’d just have to prepare the patties the next day.

Feel free to swap out veggies to fit your preferences, but don’t be afraid to give something new a chance. We have another kid-friendly Aldi meal plan here if you need some more suggestions.

We’ve included a complete shopping list with prices, but know that price and availability is different from region to region. These prices are from the Barboursville, WV location in spring of 2020.

Need some breakfast inspo? Check out these meal-prep friendly ideas. These dinners easily feed our family of five (kids 2,5,7) with some leftovers some days.

Kid-Friendly Aldi Meal Plan Dinners

SundayCrispy Chicken Nuggets (Whole New Mom), Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges & Zucchini Spears

MondayOne-Pot Cheesy Chicken Parm Pasta

Tuesday-Family-style Taco Night

Wednesday-Family Style Mac & cheese, roasted broccoli, mandies

Thursday-Salmon Cakes, Roasted Carrots, Green Beans

Friday-Mini cheeseburgers, roasted sweet potatoes, pineapple

Saturday-Build-Your-Own Pizza Night

So what do you think? Will you try out this kid-friendly Aldi meal plan in 2020? Do you think it will satisfy your family? What do you think would get the biggest thumbs up from your crew? How about the biggest thumbs down? 😉

P.S. You may want to pick up a bag of dates while you’re shopping at Aldi to make these 2-ingredient chewy cashew cookie date bites. They are a GREAT kid-friendly snack!

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