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Healthy Hacks For Road Trip Snacks

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Vacation in my mind: quiet beach… toes in the sand…cold drink in hand.

beach drink

Vacation in reality...hours of planning, three car seats across the backseat, and me repeating over and over in my head, "Are. We. There. Yet?!"

"Parents don't really go on vacation. They just take care of their kids in a different city."

The reality is, the kids aren't gonna take care of themselves. (No matter how self-sufficient my six-going-on-sixteen-year-old thinks she is). Especially if you're playing zone defense (3+ kids), the breaks are few and far between. I'm perfectly happy with 45-60 minutes of alone time a few times during a trip, especially after several hours in the car. That's why healthy road trip snacks are essential for a happy trip.

Feeding Planning is everything when traveling with kids. Hangry kids=crazy caregivers. We take road trips to see family and friends several times a year. Food is always one of the most important parts of the planning process, especially if you’re driving through the mountains of West Virginia and the next exit is a bajillion miles away.


fourganic sisters healthy hacks road trip
Country roads.... take me hoooooome... to the place.... I beeeeloooong!

Even if you wanted to just make a quick run through a drive-through or fill up your tank and belly at the closest gas station, sometimes when you're traveling in more rural areas, that's just not an option. For us, it comes down to optimal health options to pack our own road trip snacks. Convenience foods come with convenience prices.

Grab-and-Go Healthy Road Trip Snacks

If you want to go the most frugal route, just use your own reusable containers or baggies and fill up with what you already have in your pantry. I sometimes sacrifice a bit of frugality with some more convenient options when we travel, because I'm still saving money by not having to grab marked up snacks at a convenience store.

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Here are some of our favorite grab-and-go items for kids:

-Applesauce pouches (mess is mostly contained… grab a giant pack here on and get $15 off your first order)



-Cuties (Can be a little messy depending on juiciness factor)

healthy road trip snacks Fourganic Sisters

-Jerky (Aldi, Kroger, and Target have their own brand of organic versions of this)

-Granola Bars (check for simple ingredients and no added sugar, we like Made Good, which is also allergy-friendly)

-Annie’s organic snack bags

-Mini raisin boxes (Target has organic ones available)

-Allergy-friendly trail mix (Enjoy Life-Amazon or

We don’t typically buy a ton of individually packaged items, but they’re just perfect for road trips. The kids love the little portions, and they make prep, planning, and clean up so much easier.

Chilled Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Even if the trip is just a couple of hours, we always take a small cooler (This one pictured came in our Step 2 Wagon!) You can throw a few little ice packs in, and refill with hotel ice (or in-laws’ ice maker) for the trip home if necessary.

healthy road trip snack hacks | Fourganic Sisters

For The Cooler

-sliced cheese or cheese sticks (Walmart and Kroger have organic options)

-mini hummus or guacamole (organic options available)

-small baggies with cut-up fruits and/or veggies

-mini bottled water (we usually fill up a jug to fill our own water bottles)

-yogurt cups, or even better, yogurt tubes (no spoon necessary, Stonyfield has an organic option)

-mini milk cartons (also available in flavors and non-dairy)


Sweet Treats

-Annie’s gummies or “Really peely” (Perfect “treat”-type bribery snack-if you  have a Big Lots, check there for major discounts on organic snacks)

-YumEarth organic lollipops

For Cleanup

I always pack an extra package of baby wipes just for car messes and try to have several old plastic grocery bags on hand for simple disposal when we make pit stops.


The Extra Mile

If we’re on a longer trip and I know we’ll be stopping at a rest area, I always pack a loaf of bread, peanut butter and jelly (or honey). While we will occasionally hit up a Chick-fil-A or Chipotle on the road, a lot of times it’s just easier to eat a sammie, stretch our legs, and get back at it.

road trip snack healthy hacks

Again, planning is key to keep it healthy when traveling. Chances are, you'll be indulging at family dinners, ESPECIALLY during the holidays. You may also be hitting up restaurants or parties on trips and vacations, and you shouldn't feel guilty for indulging on those occasions! Having healthier options for snacks on the road and in hotel rooms won't derail you too much and can curb your guilt for indulging while traveling! 🙂

So tell us, do you have any tips and tricks for traveling with kids? What are your favorite “car snacks” and healthy road trip ideas?

P.S. Need ideas on how to ENTERTAIN your kids on a road trip? Check out: 19 Screen-Free Entertainment Ideas for the Car.

Healthy Road Trip Snack Hacks | Fourganic Sisters
Healthy Hacks for Road Trip Snacks | Fourganic Sisters


  1. Dora
    Dora November 14, 2019

    I never thought of being a the fixings for a pbj but that’s a great ideas! Thanks for the tips.

    • Darrah
      Darrah November 22, 2019

      Frugality at its finest 😉

  2. Hannah
    Hannah November 14, 2019

    I love these! Our favorite is jerky!

  3. Kelly
    Kelly November 14, 2019

    ooh I am here for any kind of snack. These are really healthy choices. I will hae to pin this for my next trip. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tamara
    Tamara November 14, 2019

    Lol. Look after our kids in another city! Yes, so true.

  5. Crystal Garman
    Crystal Garman November 14, 2019

    Great road trip snack ideas! We often do ham/salami/cheese sandwiches, chips, crackers and cheese sticks. Adding your ideas for our next trip!

  6. Cieara E
    Cieara E November 15, 2019

    This is great! I always feel guilty about my unhealthy snacking on road trips. I’ll definitely come back to this post for my next road trip.

  7. Nicole
    Nicole November 15, 2019

    Baby wipes are seriously a lifesaver for anything! I bring them for every road trip for sure!

  8. Charissa
    Charissa November 15, 2019

    These are great ideas for road trip snacks. Planning ahead for this kind of thing is so important because on the road is definitely where I tend to eat the most junk!

  9. Aubri
    Aubri November 21, 2019

    I wish I would have seen this before our trip to Tennessee. We had a lot or unhealthy snacks and I feel like we all could of benefitted from this health guide.

    • Darrah
      Darrah November 22, 2019

      It definitely took trial and error to get to a better place… mainly because we always overspent on snacks on the road!

  10. Maria Yakimchuk
    Maria Yakimchuk November 27, 2019

    Great snacks for a trip. We also love Larabars. They come in so many flavors and everyone in the family loves them.

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