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Healthy Easter Basket Ideas (Candy, Snack, Non-Food Options)

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While Peter Cottontail will come hopping down our trail this April (with plenty of healthy Easter basket supplies), we are not a family who goes overboard with Christmas or Easter. We do small baskets with a few candy treats, a few snacks, and one or two fun items. (Think sidewalk chalk, Play-doh, books, etc.)

I’m sure we’re not alone in the overload of egg hunts, class parties, and Easter-themed events there are this time of year. We can’t control what others choose for these events, but we do have influence over what goes into our kids’ baskets at home.

So, if you’re looking for healthy Easter basket ideas for the Easter bunny, you’ve reached the right spot! We’ll go through candy and snack items first, and finally, the non-candy items at the end. P.S. Don’t forget to snag a FREE printable for fun Easter basket “coupons” for your kids at the bottom of the post!

Organic Candy Options For Easter

We try to find as much balance as possible in the candy category. We don’t feel guilty if we eat the occasional traditional egg-shaped peanut butter chocolate from a certain candy company. However, the organic options for candy have grown tremendously in the past few years.

We know that organic candy is still candy, but it’s nice to have healthy Easter basket ideas we feel good about.

Here are some of the sweet treats for Easter Target has in stock this year. (We also linked to Amazon where available for convenience.)

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YumEarth Eco Easter Eggs

YumEarth jelly beans at Target | Fourganic Sisters

What’s an Easter basket without some colorful eggs? I love that the packaging for this is 100% recycled content.

Sour beans, Giggles, & Gummies

yumearth sour beans

Target has bags of sour giggles (they look like that popular rainbow-themed chewy candy), gummies, and sour beans in the Easter section.

YumEarth organic multi-pack

This would be a great option for a class party or egg hunt. There are suckers, gummies, and sour beans included.

YumEarth Easter Candy

Black Forest Organic Gummies

Black Forest Easter Candy | Fourganic Sisters

We picked up these cute little bunny packages for our baskets last year, and the kids loved them!

Also available in a value-pack size:

black forest Easter candy

Easter Basket Snacks

If you want to steer clear of candy (or need some extra ideas), there are also some great options for snacks.

Annie’s Organic Snacks

Doesn’t it look like Annie’s Organic snacks were actually made for Easter baskets! Luckily, we can enjoy Annie’s year-round, but they are also perfect for stuffing baskets. They have individual packages of gummies, grahams, or crackers (or both here)—all shaped like bunnies! (They even have gluten-free bunny tails, which are equally as delicious.) Annie’s has plenty of options for healthy Easter basket ideas!

annie's gummies at Target

My kids love their mac and cheese too. (We actually wrap up a box or two for Christmas stockings each year 😉). I’m sure they’d be just as thrilled to get a box in their basket.

Fruit Strips

Fruit strips are not something we typically buy as snacks in our house, so it’s a great “treat” item for Easter baskets. (Here’s a mega-pack on Amazon)

healthy easter basket ideas

Trader Joe’s also had these organic fruit buttons in stock last time we visited. These could also be a healthy treat option for baskets.

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas | Fourganic Sisters

Non-food / Candy-free Items

Target is THE place to pick up some awesome basket items (that aren’t just cheap plastic fillers!)

Fruit and Veggie Seeds

These adorable little planter pops are $1.00 each and come in five varieties—carrots, watermelon, beans, strawberries and organic tomatoes.

Zero Waste Easter Bakset Ideas | Fourganic Sisters

The colored part is biodegradable potato starch. Simply plant upside down, add a cup of water, and watch it (hopefully) grow!

Zero Waste Easter Basket Ideas | Fourganic Sisters

They also had these little pollinator plants for a buck each. If your kids are like mine, they love to get their hands dirty! Each year we let them pick out a few plants to tend to themselves.

Eco-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas | Fourganic Sisters

UPDATE April 2020: If you want to steer clear of in-person shopping, Amazon has some cute garden/herb kits.

This herb kit would be great to get started! (And this unicorn gardening tools set is adorable.)


If you’re outside more in the spring and summer months, chances are you’ll go through these pretty quickly 😉.

easter basket ideas | Fourganic Sisters


One of our favorite outside activities is to draw with chalk. Crayola has by far the most vibrant colors for budding artists.

Non-candy easter basket ideas | Fourganic Sisters

Here’s a super jumbo pack that should last all summer :).


Seasonal books with some of our favorite characters. (Llama llama, Little Blue Truck, Pete the Cat, etc.)

Easter books for kids | Fourganic Sisters

Devotional Books

While we attend church every week and do plenty of prayer time at home, so a devotion book for kids like this could be another great addition for Easter baskets.

Flash Cards

Another dollar spot favorite. My first-grader is always asking about the Spanish equivalent of words (I studied abroad in Spain in college) so these are perfect for her!

spanish flash cards

piggy paint

Piggy Paint is a fun option for kids who love to paint their nails and toes. It’s “safe as mud”, non-toxic, and kid-friendly. Many Target and Walmart stores have them, but you can also find them on Amazon.

non-candy easter basket items


We are a play-doh obsessed house. My kids love making play-doh creations. If you need something else to fill an Easter basket, the egg-shaped play-doh is cool.

Printable Coupons

I love the idea of “experience”-based gifts. Some of these gifts can be redeemed for time, which is priceless, right?! You can make your own coupons through Canva, or just click on the image below to download these pre-made coupons for things like an extra bedtime book, park day, pizza night, etc.

Free Kids Coupon Printable | Fourganic Sisters

If you’re looking for more toy-centered Easter basket items, some of the screen-free options we have in this list might be a good fit!

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