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Healthy Breakfasts To Make From Aldi

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We have a ton of options for dinner meal plans on our site, and even some easy breakfast meal prep ideas. Want to make your meal planning even easier? Of course you do! That means you probably want to add breakfast options to your shopping list. Specifically, we have some healthy breakfasts to make from Aldi.

Obviously, you don’t need to buy these ingredients from Aldi. If you’re already doing weekly or bi-weekly runs for dinner meal plans, some breakfast inspiration could be helpful.

These are combos you can make from (mostly) organic choices at Aldi. (You can find a comprehensive list of everything you can buy organic at Aldi here.) Prices and availability will vary from region to region.

Healthy breakfasts from Aldi

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Organic, cage-free eggs

A dozen cage-free, organic eggs costs $2.79 at my local Aldi.

-scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, etc.

-scrambled eggs & toast

-veggie omelets

-cheesy eggs (use Simply Nature organic cheese varieties or goat cheese)

goat cheese eggs

-taco breakfast scramble (eggs, organic black/pinto beans, organic salsa, organic shredded cheese)

-spinach egg muffins

-breakfast burritos


-hard-boiled eggs

Organic, whole-milk yogurt

A 32-ounce container of organic plain or vanilla whole milk organic yogurt typically costs $2.59-$2.99 at Aldi.

yogurt & granola

-berries & yogurt

-yogurt & honey

Organic granola

Healthy Breakfasts from Aldi- Yogurt Parfaits | Fourganic Sisters

Organic bread

-toast with:

-grass-fed, organic butter

-organic jam varieties

-nut butter or organic peanut butter

-organic wildflower honey



-French toast

Chia seed pudding

Veggie-filled ideas


Organic sunburst potato medley

Sweet potato veggie skillet

Sweet potato toast


Spinach Smoothie | Fourganic Sisters

Mix and match any or all of these ingredients for smoothies.

-organic frozen blueberries/strawberries

-organic fresh berries (most affordable when in season)






-organic spinach/kale

-organic kefir

-flax seed

-organic yogurt

-organic coconut water

-chia seeds

Organic cereal/milk

Healthy Breakfasts from Aldi | Fourganic Sisters

Aldi doesn’t have a ton of organic options for cereal, but they do have a few. They also have organic whole, 2 percent, and fat free milk. There are also organic almond and soy milk options.

Organic instant oatmeal

We don’t love instant oatmeal, but it is an organic option at Aldi. I personally find instant oatmeal too mushy and too sweet. I prefer organic old-fashioned rolled oats. We usually buy these elsewhere. We have a whole post dedicated to oats here. You’ll find about 50 ideas for overnight oats, baked oatmeal, muffins, breakfast cookies and bars, steel cut oats, smoothies, and more.

Organic bagels/ seasonal bread

In the fall of 2019, Aldi carried three varieties or organic bagels and two kinds of organic pumpkin-spice bread. Hopefully those will return. If you find them in store, definitely pick some up!

Keep an eye out for new Aldi Finds! They have everything from sous vide eggs to seasonal cheese options.


Find these meal prep containers on Amazon here

Aldi has the BEST produce. We typically stick to the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen, so there are a TON of options for fruit.

Mix and match for a fruit salad, smoothie bowl, yogurt parfait, etc. It’s the perfect addition to your healthy breakfast from Aldi.

-Organic berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries)

-Organic apples







Meal prepping and planning for breakfast

If you need ideas on how to start meal planning, start with setting a grocery budget. Next, find a meal planning-template that works for you. We have free, printable meal plans complete with grocery lists available. If you want some quick and easy meal prep breakfast ideas to simplify your weekly routine, we have that covered as well.

Breakfast plan in action

We almost always shop for a two-week period at a time. For our family of five, we typically buy:

  • two-three dozen eggs
  • two 32-cartons of organic yogurt
  • 1 box of Simply Nature organic Pumpkin Flax granola
  • 1-2 boxes of cereal, seasonal fruit
  • a variety of organic greens (spinach, kale, etc.)
  • 2-3 bunches of bananas
  • 3 (½) gallons of organic varieties of milk
  • We buy five pounds of organic rolled oats locally ($8.99) that lasts us about two months.

One weekend day, we’ll do something with breakfast meat. Applegate breakfast sausages are our favorite, but Aldi doesn’t sell these ☹. They DO carry nitrate-free bacon under the Never Any! label.

A two-week meal plan for breakfasts might look like this.

Sunday-pancakes and bacon

Monday-spinach-egg muffins

Tuesday-apple cinnamon overnight oats

Wednesday-oatmeal bake

Thursday-leftovers (mix and match from leftover egg muffins and oatmeal bake usually) or toast

Friday-cereal, toast, or yogurt


Sunday-French toast with sausage

Monday-egg casserole

Tuesday-mixed berry overnight oats

Wednesday-Baked chocolate chip oatmeal muffins

Thursday-Leftovers/ fruit and yogurt

Friday-Toast or cereal

Saturday-homemade pancakes

Ideas on Ideas

Other weekend breakfast favorites include waffles, biscuits and gravy (all from scratch!) We also love bagels and cream cheese, breakfast burritos, and breakfast cookies. Sometimes we’ll throw in banana bread, muffins, steel cut oats, grits, etc. into the mix.

Other popular weekly breakfasts for Lindsey’s family-chia seed pudding. Jodi’s family loves doing smoothies during the week.

Breakfast isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. We like to switch things up seasonally. That means pumpkin-spice everything in the fall. In winter, we love gingerbread or cranberries. Carrot cake oats top the list in the spring. We’re ALL about the fresh berries in the summer. Chocolate, of course, is in season ALL the time 😊.

Before You Go…

What are your favorite healthy breakfasts from Aldi?

It’s a HUGE help to us when you pin these ideas for later or share on your favorite social media site! Thanks friends!

Healthy Breakfasts from Aldi | Fourganic Sisters
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