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Free Healthy Aldi Meal Plan (+ Printable Grocery List)

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We have about another month of winter (ish) weather left. While some days may FEEL like spring, we’re still in the thick of comfort food and soup season, so this free healthy Aldi meal plan is chock-full of those recipes.

Here in West Virginia, winter 2020 has been fairly mild until the first week of February, so we put things like hearty chili on the back burner temporarily. Now that we’ve FINALLY had a fun snow day, we’re loading soups and comfort foods back into this healthy Aldi meal plan.

For this one-week plan, we’ve got two yummy soups (including a super simple Instant Pot chili), a couple of sheet pan meals, and a delicious, budget-friendly way to re-purpose leftovers. It’s a great Friday/Saturday night meal that comes together in minutes. Just look at all that cheesy goodness!

Healthy Aldi Meal Plan | Fourganic Sisters

The one-pot Cheesy Chicken (Parm) Pasta is a game-changer for easy meals! It is SO good. (Full ingredient list and recipe in the printable PDF at the bottom of the list below!)

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Prices and availability will differ from region to region, as well as factors like food tax/no food tax, etc. For more FAQ, click here. To find out more about what Aldi carries organic in store, check out this post.

free healthy Aldi meal plan

Chili (Instant Pot)

Chicken sausage, sweet potatoes wedges, green beans

Whole Chicken, roasted carrots, Brussels sprouts, rice side

Broccoli soup (with cheese)

Salmon, sweet potatoes, broccoli

Leftover chili nachos

One-pot Cheesy Chicken Pasta

Free Healthy Aldi Meal Plan | Fourganic Sisters
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