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Essential Utensils

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Instant Pot

Whoever invented this... thank you. All four sisters have wholeheartedly jumped on this bandwagon. Join us 🙂

Meat Thermometer

I never knew how much I'd need a meat thermometer until I got one. It's both a time and sanity-saver. I won't mention names, but someone in my family used to cook chicken on the grill for about 45 minutes... "to ensure doneness"... let's just say, chicken breasts reach an acceptable serving temperature MUCH sooner, and this thermometer will easily help you prove your case. 🙂

Mason Jars

Mason jars are like the moms of the kitchen tool world. They are the ultimate multitaskers. They've got an answer for every problem. You can mix, measure, prep, store, bake, freeze, whatever in and to them. You won't even have actual glassware anymore. Just a cupboard full of these gems.

Digital Scale

If you bake a lot, this scale really is really useful.

Immersion Blender

Darrah uses her immersion blender most days for something. Usually, it's to get her coffee a good frothing. It's also essential for pureeing soups. This powerhouse also mixes up smoothies and salad dressing with ease. It's still going strong after almost a decade of near-daily use. (She doesn't even own a blender anymore.)

Avocado Slicer

This is one of products you may scoff at disdainfully. "Avocado slicer? Essential? Pffft!!" Lindsey loves using this tool. If you use a lot of avocados, you know the risk those pits pose. I've known MULTIPLE people who had extensive damage from avocado-cutting injuries. It's a thing. This little utensil may very well become essential in your own kitchen.

Sheet Pan

Darrah uses this type of sheet pan nearly daily for roasting veggies, sheet pan meals, and anything or everything in between. They wash up great and stack and store easily.

Paring Knife

Jodi swears by a paring knife in the kitchen (just like my mom and nanny) and uses it for slicing, dicing, chopping, peeling and more. She says she doesn't even need a cutting board. She's really likes living on the edge.

Meat Chopper

If you use a lot of ground beef or turkey, this meat chopper is a game changer. It breaks up chunks of meat so easily. It's also a great way to channel your dinnertime stress while you're cooking. #witchinghour