Kid-Friendly salads: Build-Your-Own bowl activity

fruit filled salad bowl

As someone who loves pretty much ALL the fruits and veggies, I typically only love salads in the warm months. Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for some kid-friendly salad ideas. (Because, kids!) Memorial Day is behind us and summer has unofficially kicked off. For our family, that means it’s salad season! Everyone in the … Read more

Veggie Taco Recipes for Taco Tuesday

We’re continuing our meal-planning series with vegetarian and vegan recipes for Taco Tuesday. If you’re more of a carnivore, last week we shared beef recipes. All of these recipes are a great fit for a Meatless Monday too! Our goal with this series is to give you plenty of inspiration on how to fill out … Read more

21 Beef Recipes for Taco Tuesday

Even if you don’t plan regular meals you likely have either heard of or participated in Taco Tuesday. 😊 Who doesn’t love an easy-to-fill theme night, that is perfectly Instagram-able? All four sisters LOVE it, and you’ll typically find something taco-ish in each of our meal plans. In fact, having a specific day each week … Read more

Sheet Pan Pizza with Homemade dough Recipe

Is there a more satisfying family dinner than pizza? We have some form of pizza on the meal plan almost weekly, and NO ONE EVER COMPLAINS ON PIZZA NIGHT! Can I get an amen for that? We have three kids with very different personalities, and while none are what I’d call “picky”, they are definitely … Read more

Chewy Cashew Cookie Date Bites

As a busy family of five typically on the go, Larabars have been our go-to healthy snack for years. They’re convenient. They use real, whole-food ingredients and the whole family loves them. There are a few cons. Price, for one. If they’re not on sale, they can be pricey. We’re also trying to be more … Read more

Carrot Cake Overnight Oats Recipe

As a mom of three who has never been and will never be a “morning person”, meal prepped breakfasts are a lifesaver. Our family is especially partial to overnight oats recipes. This spring we are especially, especially partial to this carrot cake overnight oats recipe. For one, spring, Easter, and carrots are synonymous with each … Read more

23 healthy Asparagus Recipes for spring

Punxatawney Phil may or may not see his shadow on Groundhog Day. Regardless, we’re likely to start seeing the signs of spring emerging by early March. Daffodils start blooming. Bees begin buzzing around again. Green starts slowly becoming more and more vibrant. The pollen is flying… and sneezes are aplenty. If you’re like our family, … Read more

Pecan-Crusted Sheet Pan Salmon and Veggies

Sheet pan salmon with asparagus and sweet potatoes

Are you a fish fanatic? Fish-hater? Somewhere in between? Our family typically eats salmon two or three times a month (mixed in with a few other types of seafood). My son has asthma, so we try to pack as many anti-inflammatory foods as possible into our routine. (Salmon is known for its omega3 benefits, among … Read more

One-Pot Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Two bowls of Cheesy Chicken Pasta | Fourganic Sisters

As a busy mom with three kids underfoot during a dinner shift, one-pot meals are a dream come true. You’ll find many one-pot meals in our meal plans here. I’ve tried many variations of a one-pot pasta, and we can say we’ve comfortably settled (settled may not be the right context here… you’re certainly not … Read more

Meatballs 5 Ways

Using meatballs as the protein source are one of our go-tos for an easy yet delicious and budget friendly dinner (or lunch). We used to be the type to buy the pack of frozen meatballs to always have in the freezer, but once you have made your own, there is no going back! Trust me! … Read more