Healthy Summer Meal Plan (7 Dinners)

Do you need a little help with a healthy summer meal plan? Cool. Cool. That’s what we’re here for! Keep scrolling (if you’re really in a hurry… go allllll the way down to print out the grocery list.) We’ve got seven healthy, family-friendly dinners that– a.) WON’T take alllll night long to make and also … Read more

1 Week Instant Pot Meal Plan (with Grocery List)

Instant Pot Meal Plan | Fourganic Sisters

If you’re looking for some meal plan inspiration, we’ve got a week’s worth of quick Instant Pot dinners to get you through! The dinners in this Instant Pot meal plan are healthy and use fresh, seasonal ingredients. This menu is perfect for peak farmer’s market season, when fresh corn on the cob, peppers, and green … Read more

Healthy Breakfasts To Make From Aldi

We have a ton of options for dinner meal plans on our site, and even some easy breakfast meal prep ideas. Want to make your meal planning even easier? Of course you do! That means you probably want to add breakfast options to your shopping list. Specifically, we have some healthy breakfasts to make from … Read more

One-Week Vegetarian Meal Plan from Aldi

Herbivore Aldi-lovers-this one’s for you! Seven whole days of a vegetarian meal plan from Aldi! While the sisters are mostly omnivores, we do meatless meals multiple times a week for frugality’s (and health’s) sake. We’ve been wanting to do a couple full vegetarian Aldi meal plans for awhile, since we have many vegetarian friends. Look … Read more

Kid-Friendly Aldi Meal Plan for 2020

Do you struggle getting your kids to eat what you make for dinner? I haven’t met a parent yet who doesn’t at some point! The dinners in this kid-friendly Aldi meal plan (2020) are tried and true family favorites that shouldn’t get many complaints from the peanut gallery. A couple of quick notes, the salmon … Read more

One Week Spring Trader Joe’s Meal Plan

Hit the easy button this week and use this one week Trader Joe’s meal plan with grocery list. There are seven dinners in all in this meal plan. We included an easy (organic) frozen pizza night (with veggies) so you can take a break from cooking too much. From a fun Sunday dinner to a … Read more

One-Week Spring Aldi Meal Plan

Seasonal Aldi Meal Plan

It’s officially spring for us in the United States! In West Virginia, that means fairly seasonable weather. This week it’s rain, rain, and more rain. The sun has peeked through several days, and if you’re cooped up like our family of five (#quarantine) you’re getting outside as much as possible. You may or not have … Read more

Gluten-Free Walmart Meal Plan

March is a tricky time of year to meal plan. This week in particular, we’ve had a snowy day, a day in the 60s, and a yucky, rainy day. That’s why there’s a mix of comfort food in this one week gluten-free Walmart meal plan. We’re using Walmart for this meal plan because having the … Read more

Free Healthy Aldi Meal Plan (+ Printable Grocery List)

We have about another month of winter (ish) weather left. While some days may FEEL like spring, we’re still in the thick of comfort food and soup season, so this free healthy Aldi meal plan is chock-full of those recipes. Here in West Virginia, winter 2020 has been fairly mild until the first week of … Read more

7-Day Aldi Meal Plan- Winter Edition

Aldi Meal Plan | Fourganic Sisters

I’m a big believer in eating seasonably. I’m also a big believer in enjoying comfort foods in the winter, but I have my limits. If it were up to my husband, we would be eating different variations of barbecue with heavy sides for every meal, but that’s just not me, so we compromise. This 7-day … Read more