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Category: Healthy Meal Plans on a Budget

In our healthy meal plans on a budget, you’ll find one or two weeks’ worth of dinners. Each meal is meant to serve at least four people using mostly organic ingredients. For the 14-day plans, you may not use all 14 meals. That’s why we tend to throw in a “lazy night” dinner or two. Friday night for most of our families tends to be a pizza night (homemade, frozen or takeout), or a simple stir fry or other quick and easy dish. In the warmer months, we’ll grill out one or two evenings on the weekend. Once or twice a month, we’ll head out to a local restaurant or eat with friends and family. Some nights, we try to use up leftovers or an excess of a certain ingredient. Other nights, we make a pb& j or a bowl of cereal. :)

We recognize you may not need 14 meals in a planning period. If not,  simply drop a couple of your least favorite meals or use them for lunches. You could stretch out the meal plans for three weeks. Simply add a meal to the plan to cover 15 weeknight meals.

healthy meal plans on a budget

Here’s what all of our meal plans have in common:

-healthy meals on a budget

-mostly organic

-mostly whole-food ingredients

-fairly quick and easy recipes

Questions about meal planning or budgeting?

If you’re not sure about why you need a meal plan or all the benefits of having a grocery budget, click through those words to find out more helpful info.

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