How to Use Easy Freezer Meal Prep Soup Starters for Quick Dinners

I absolutely love the idea of freezer meals, but I rarely do them. I do, however, fill my freezer with easy freezer meal prep starters. Specifically, soup starters. Starting in about August each year, at peak gardening and farmer’s market season, I start stashing away bags and containers of cut up veggies that I can … Read more

Healthy Breakfasts To Make From Aldi

We have a ton of options for dinner meal plans on our site, and even some easy breakfast meal prep ideas. Want to make your meal planning even easier? Of course you do! That means you probably want to add breakfast options to your shopping list. Specifically, we have some healthy breakfasts to make from … Read more

Easy Meal Prep Yogurt Parfaits

These easy meal prep yogurt parfaits They are so easy you really don’t need a recipe (but click below if you just want the ingredients.) Letting Kids Help With Meal Prep Another awesome thing about this recipe is that kids can easily help with it! I have no shame in my mommin’ game of letting … Read more

Build-Your-Own Naan Pizza Recipe

Pizza night is a family favorite in our house! These build-your-own naan pizzas top the list of our favorite ways to “pizza” at home. We LOVE everything about pizza night, but we also like to change it up. Sometimes, it’s sheet pan pizzas. Sometimes, it’s frozen pizza. Other times, it’s pepperoni rolls or calzones. We … Read more

5 Ways to Use an Aldi Goat Cheese Log

Have you ever seen these adorable little logs of goat cheese from Aldi? So cute, right? So affordable too! Each 4-ounce log is $1.99. They come in plain, honey (my favorite!), garlic and herb, and sometimes even seasonal flavors. (Think pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon!) Even though I’ve had goat cheese in a number of … Read more

Buy It Online! A Perdue Farms Review (+ Coupon)

If you’re like most carnivorous families in the United States, chicken is a staple several nights of the week. In fact, the average American ate a record 93 pounds of chicken in 2018, (according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.) We switched to buying mostly organic chicken a few years ago, but organic chicken buying … Read more

Seasonal Eating Benefits: A Guide for Spring and Summer

When you think of summer and your favorite things to eat during those months, you’re likely thinking of big slices of ripe, juicy watermelon. Or maybe grilled corn on the cob dripping with butter. How about a crunchy, fresh-from-the-garden cucumber? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’re already taking advantage of seasonal eating benefits. … Read more

How to Meal Plan from Your Pantry

How to Meal Plan from Your Pantry | Fourganic Sisters

As frugal families who stick to a grocery budget each month, we often find ourselves turning to pantry staples when it comes to filling up a meal plan. There are many scenarios in which you may also find yourself needing to “shop” your pantry to come up with a meal plan or dinner ideas. Maybe … Read more