How to Meal Plan from Your Pantry

How to Meal Plan from Your Pantry | Fourganic Sisters

As frugal families who stick to a grocery budget each month, we often find ourselves turning to pantry staples when it comes to filling up a meal plan. There are many scenarios in which you may also find yourself needing to “shop” your pantry to come up with a meal plan or dinner ideas. Maybe … Read more

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas (Candy, Snack, Non-Food Options)

Healthier Easter Basket Options | Fourganic Sisters

While Peter Cottontail will come hopping down our trail this April (with plenty of healthy Easter basket supplies), we are not a family who goes overboard with Christmas or Easter. We do small baskets with a few candy treats, a few snacks, and one or two fun items. (Think sidewalk chalk, Play-doh, books, etc.) I’m … Read more

The Best Meal Prep Tools for Simpler Mornings

The Best Meal Prep Tools | Fourganic Sisters

We recently shared a list of easy meal prep breakfast items that could help make your morning routine a little easier. If you REALLY want to nail your breakfast meal prep routine, a few essential meal prep tools can simplify your life. Obviously, meal prep can be made without these tools. But, as families who … Read more

Easy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas For Busy Mornings

breakfast meal prep ideas | Fourganic Sisters

Mornings. Ugh. The mere thought of mornings still makes me want to burrow under the blankets and refuse to get out of bed till noon. I have three kids (two in school) and a husband who leaves for work most days before the sun rises. To say mornings are hectic would be an understatement. The … Read more

10-Minute Spinach White Bean Soup Recipe

If you ever struggle with figuring out a last-minute dinner idea, this spinach white bean soup recipe is perfect for you. (If you need some more meal-planning inspo, this soup is part of a 7-day meal plan in this post.) It takes minimal ingredients and you can have it on the table in about 15 … Read more

Stuffed Cabbage Roll Soup (w/ Cauliflower Rice)

Low-Carb Cabbage Roll Soup Recipe

When the cooler weather hits in September (more recently, not till October) here in the Mountain State, it’s #soupseason for the next six months. We could easily make soup two or three nights a week, and this hearty Cabbage Roll Soup recipe fits perfectly into the rotation. Cabbage is a cheap, healthy, filling ingredient that … Read more

Hulk Smash Superhero Spinach Smoothie

Superhero Spinach Smoothie

This spinach-packed smoothie packs a Hulk-sized punch of green goodness into any snack time or breakfast routine. Paired with creamy avocado, zesty lime juice, slightly sweet banana, and omega-rich chia and flax seeds, we think it’s a “superhero” in our smoothie world. Every time we get on a smoothie kick in our family, I’m not … Read more