The Best Gifts and Tools to Buy Meal Planners

best meal planning tools

If you’re an avid meal planner, you’re likely to get just as excited over these fun meal planning essential tools as we do. If you’re just trying to get gift ideas for the meal planners in your life, welcome! We’ve got everything you need , from fun paper planners to essential kitchen tools. These ideas … Read more

How to Use Cauliflower Rice to Save Time & Stress

Cauliflower rice is an unsung superhero in my kitchen. Sure, superfoods are awesome. Blueberries, kale, chia, avocado. All of those things. We love them all. But, how about super shortcut staples? What’s SSS, you ask? Those types of ingredients that are total shortcuts. They save time. They save money. Best of all, they save a … Read more

How to Use Easy Freezer Meal Prep Soup Starters for Quick Dinners

I absolutely love the idea of freezer meals, but I rarely do them. I do, however, fill my freezer with easy freezer meal prep starters. Specifically, soup starters. Starting in about August each year, at peak gardening and farmer’s market season, I start stashing away bags and containers of cut up veggies that I can … Read more

Quick and Easy Instant Pot Soups for Cozy #fallvibes

I’m not going to start this fall soup post with the obligatory fall scenes. (You know the ones!) Can we just close our eyes for a minute and picture our fave fall vibes though… Okay. We good? Shall we move on the good stuff? These quick and easy Instant Pot soup recipes will give you … Read more

The Ultimate Guide on How To Use Up Zucchini

How to Use up Zucchini | Fourganic Sisters

This year, we were super optimistic about our garden. We planned. Planted. Prayed. We harvested one zucchini 😉. We got a ton of tomatoes and jalapenos though! It doesn’t matter too much because our local farmer’s market is absolutely teeming with zukes. Most sell them for anywhere from 2-4 for a buck. Plus, friends have … Read more

How To Save Time & Stress: Recipes with Bagged coleslaw

Sure, I like to cook, but I also like to take shortcuts when I can. (Enter: recipes with bagged coleslaw!) I have a handful of ingredients in my arsenal I like to call superhero shortcut staples? What’s an SSS, you ask? Those types of ingredients that are total shortcuts. They save time. They save money. … Read more

The Best Quick Instant Pot Dinners (20 minutes or less)

The Instant Pot can be such a lifesaver when you need a quick and easy dinner. One of our favorite recipes to make in the fall and winter is this 20-minute Instant Pot chili. It seriously tastes like it simmered away all day. It’s nice to have a go-to list of quick Instant Pot dinners … Read more

How to Use Dinner Theme Nights for Meal Planning

Dinner Theme Night Meal Planning | Fourganic Sisters

Forgive us if we’re preaching to the choir here, but meal planning is SUCH a lifesaver for each of our families here at Fourganic Sisters. Just because we love meal planning equally doesn’t mean we do it the same way. Booo-ring. We do all rely on some type of dinner theme nights for meal planning … Read more

The 10 Best Freezer Pop Molds (+How to Fill Them)

Best Freezer Pop Molds | Fourganic Sisters

These top 10 best freezer pop molds are adorable, affordable, and SO fun for the summer. (or anytime the weather hits 70+ degrees!) We are continuing to enjoy our summer at home, and having plenty of sweet, healthy treats on hand is helping. Making our own freezer pops is (usually) way more frugal than buying … Read more

Buy It Online! A Perdue Farms Review (+ Coupon)

If you’re like most carnivorous families in the United States, chicken is a staple several nights of the week. In fact, the average American ate a record 93 pounds of chicken in 2018, (according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.) We switched to buying mostly organic chicken a few years ago, but organic chicken buying … Read more