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Buy It Online! A Perdue Farms Review (+ Coupon)

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If you’re like most carnivorous families in the United States, chicken is a staple several nights of the week. In fact, the average American ate a record 93 pounds of chicken in 2018, (according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.)

We switched to buying mostly organic chicken a few years ago, but organic chicken buying options can be limited. We’re giving you a peek at our Perdue Farms online shopping experience review today.

Perdue Farms review online shopping | Fourganic Sisters

When we learned about Perdue Farms’ newly-launched online marketplace, we knew we had to try it out. They’re the #1 supplier of organic chicken in the United States.

We do try to buy meat locally first–typically all our pork products and some beef. We get chicken wings locally occasionally, but most of our chicken products come from chain grocers. For chicken, we’ve bought organic at Aldi, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, etc. If you’ve tried to buy meat anytime in the past few months, you’ve probably noticed it’s hit or miss in a lot of stores.

So Where Can I Buy Affordable Organic Chicken in 2020?

Perdue Farms launched an online marketplace in late 2019. They’d only been shipping out orders for a short time before the pandemic hit, so they did have shipping delays for a short period. As on June 2020, they are back on track and back on schedule. Fourganic Sisters is a proud affiliate partner with Perdue Farms. That means if you click on one of our links and make a purchase, we’ll make a commission (at no extra cost to you.)

We recently made our first online order so we could give you honest feedback about the process. So here’s our Perdue Farms review for online ordering!

Perdue farms ecommerce review

Perdue Farms Online Order Haul

First, we love being able to shop from the comfort of home. FYI, the order got to our front door in less than a week! Here’s a list of what we got. (Be sure to check out the video for a peek inside our freezer after stocking.) Everything will come shipped frozen. We ALWAYS freeze meat and never have any issues.

We ordered the From Our Family to Yours Organic Chicken Bundle:

  • One 4.3-lb. Perdue Harvestland Organic Whole Chicken With Giblets and Necks
  • One 3-lb. Perdue Harvestland Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Pack
  • One 2.8-lb. Perdue Harvestland Organic Chicken Wings Party Pack
  • One 3-lb. Perdue Harvestland Organic Chicken Drumsticks Pack
  • One 3-lb. Perdue Harvestland Organic Bone-In Chicken Thighs Pack
  • One 8-oz. Coleman Natural Foods Organic Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders box
  • One 8-oz. Coleman Natural Foods Organic Breaded Chicken Breast Strips box

Each 3-pound package of meat is divided into three 1-pound (ish) packages. P.S. The drumsticks are HUGE! They were really fun for the kids to eat.

Check out our freezer haul here!

Online Order Extras

We also got a few extras. My 5-year-old is obsessed with dinos, and Perdue has these adorable dinosaur-shaped organic chicken nuggets.

We also got an extra bag of organic chicken nuggets. (I mean, we do have three kids 😉 )

These Niman Ranch Fat Tire Beer Brats (made with one of our favorite brews!)

On top of all that goodness, we got two free pounds of organic chicken meatballs with our order! They added the bonus as a courtesy for customers’ patience through pandemic-related shipping delays. We love making our own meatballs, but it is AWESOME to have an organic options we feel comfortable stocking our freezer with for easy meals.

Perdue Farms review organic chicken meatball (2-pound frozen package)

You’ll get free shipping at $119, and 10% off your first order! That combo brought our first order total down to $128.30 with tax. Everything was shipped straight to our front door within a week! If you break it down to price per pound, that’s about $5.58 per pound. The organic bundle comes with about 70 servings for $1.46/serving. Check out their full line of products here:

Perdue Farms

Perdue Farms Online Practices Review

They have some awesome sustainability practices in place too. All material used in shipping is recyclable and/or compostable. (Highlights of that fun process in the video above. I would recommend breaking down the material in the tub or sink rather than your yard… but you get the picture.)

Plus, for every order shipped Perdue makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. They also include a reusable and recyclable grocery bag in every box. Finally, you get a pollinator seed packet. (Perdue says pollinators like bees and butterflies help to make one out of every three bites of food we eat.)

Yikes! That’s a big chunk of my grocery budget! I’m not sure I can afford that.

We hear that. Our family of five spends about a hundred dollars a week on groceries (including dipes, wipes, dog food, etc.) We HAVE been spending more since we’ve been at home more, but we’ve shifted our small “entertainment” budget (about $50-100/month) into extra groceries. Instead of spending that money on takeout a few times a month like we typically would, we’ve just added that into our grocery budget.

Keep in mind that this is more than 20 pounds of chicken. If we eat 2-3 pounds of chicken a week, this should last us about two months’ worth of chicken dinners. Overall, this would be a little less than 1/6th of our typical grocery budget for two months.

I Don’t Have Enough Freezer Space For That Chicken!

We have a pull out drawer-type freezer in our kitchen and a stand-up hand-me-down freezer in our garage. We keep it pretty well stocked with frozen fruits, veggies, local cow and pig parts, and other odds and ends. You can see in the video even as much as we ordered only takes up one shelf in our freezer.

Perdue Farms reviews (freezer stocked with Perdue Farms products)

If you don’t think you’ll be able to squeeze it in, commit to meal planning from your freezer a week or two to “clean it out” and rotate through what you DO have in there to make room. (BONUS: You’ll save money in your grocery budget too!)

Once your freezer is stocked, what will you do?

Need some chicken dinner inspiration? What I love about the bundle is the variety of cuts you get. Chicken breasts all the time can get a little boring. Everything in my family LOVES chicken wings. If you have an air fryer, that’s definitely the way to go to make chicken wings. The drumsticks we got in our order are HUGE! All three of my kids love drumsticks too. It’s a really affordable cut of chicken. Things get messy but super fun with drumsticks. 🙂 We like them smothered in BBQ sauce.

We actually have more than 100 chicken dinner ideas in this post, and some extra ideas to make chicken for Taco Tuesday here. One of my favorite ways to use up leftover chicken (from a whole bird) is in this One-Pot Chicken Parm Pasta or Spicy White Chicken Chili. These recipes are also perfect to stretch out your meat. We often find two cups (about a half pound) of chicken is more than enough in a lot of recipes. We balance it all out with multiple protein sources, plenty of healthy fats and veggies, and lots of whole grains.

The chicken tenders are SO good in our favorite copycat Applebee’s salad.

Final Thoughts About Perdue Farms Online Review

If you can’t find organic chicken close to home, they have several organic chicken bundles and products available! Click here to check those out! They also offer beef, pork, and lamb products.

P.S. Don’t forget you’ll get…FREE Shipping for U.S. orders over $119. Use FARMER10 to get 10% off your first order.

It was great timing and a great fit for our family, and we’ll definitely be ordering again. Have more questions? Shoot us an email or a message on Instagram and we’ll help you out.

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