FakeOut Takeout: Easy Jerk Chicken Pitas Recipe

My husband definitely gets all the credit for this jerk chicken pitas recipe. Back when we were both in the office every day (I still cant believe I have been 90% remote work for almost a year!), we had a fun day date routine. We would surprise each other with random texts for lunch dates. … Read more

Meatballs 5 Ways

Using meatballs as the protein source are one of our go-tos for an easy yet delicious and budget friendly dinner (or lunch). We used to be the type to buy the pack of frozen meatballs to always have in the freezer, but once you have made your own, there is no going back! Trust me! … Read more

Early Fall Trader Joe’s Meal Plan

fourganic sisters trader joe's organic meal plan

It’s early fall here in Ohio and until very recently, the neighborhood pools were still open. If it weren’t for the early dark skies, it could easily be mistaken for still being the middle of summer. Our garden is still thriving so we are taking full advantage of the fresh herbs and incorporating some of … Read more