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14 Healthy Aldi Summer Dinners (Plus Grocery List)

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Ahhhh summer... all the fresh produce and fresh flavors are a welcome change from the heavier, comfort-food winter. There's nothing that I love more than using as many fresh flavors as I can in my summer cooking, but let's be real. With 3 little ones, I can't be Ina Garten every night. This meal plan with 14 Aldi summer dinners has some super simple options along with a few recipes that are a little more involved, but you'll never miss the FLAVOR!


Here are a couple of quick, standard notes and disclaimers that will apply to most of our meal plans. While some plans may feature gluten-friendly or dairy-free or keto-type meals, these plans don’t typically follow any types of restrictions (except for Lindsey, whose household is gluten-free). Email us directly if you have any questions or refer to specific recipe creators where it applies.

Also, we mostly follow USDA recommendations when it comes to portion sizes for meat, etc. That means we stick to 3-4-ounce portions of chicken, beef, fish, etc. We try to stick with as much organic meat as possible, and that access can vary. If you can get your hands on organic turkey, pork, or other cuts of meat, feel free to sub in where desired. See FAQ for more.

Next, we try to keep our shopping list totals to about $150 or less, but that doesn’t include tax. In West Virginia and Ohio, we don’t have food sales tax, but Ali and Lindsey do in Tennessee, so keep that in mind when you’re budgeting.

Finally, we all do the best we can when it comes to eating mostly organic, but we aren’t going to find every ingredient every time that’s organic. If you find something on our shopping list that you can’t get organic, simply do the best you can with your options. Conversely, if you CAN find something that’s organic that we have listed as “conventional” on the list, feel free to grab that option.

Another disclaimer: Prices, product availability, and coupons will obviously vary from region to region.


Click the very bottom link for full shopping list and recipe info.

Grilled Chicken Wraps

Lemon Salmon, Roasted Asparagus and Buttered Pasta

Beef Taquitos with Black Beans

Elevated Grilled Cheese with Sweet Potato Chips

Spinach, Feta and Pepper Quiche with dressed greens

Thai Pork Rice Bowls

Pork Nachos

Grilled Chicken Salads

Tropical Salmon Rice Bowls

Hamburgers with Fries

French Toast with Bacon and Eggs

Buttery Lemon Pasta Primavera

Easy Pineapple Pork Tacos with Chips and Salsa

Roasted Veggies with Hummus and Naan


Summer Aldi Meal Plan | Fourganic Sisters

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P.S. Don't forget to take some reusable shopping bags for your groceries! 🙂

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