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About Us

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We are four sisters (two sets of two) separated by four cities who strive to feed our families affordable, organic food on a fairly tight budget. While there are endless blogs and websites dedicated to meal planning and /or budget-friendly meals, the four of us struggle to find strong resources for eating mostly organic food on a tight budget. Frustrated at the lack of these resources, we've spent years feeding off each other's ideas. We finally decided it was time to try to fill what we believe is a void in the meal-planning blogging world.

Our goal is to give you the tools you need to feed your family delicious, nutritious meals in the most affordable way possible. Each sister brings her own unique work/life balance and dietary needs to the blog. Whether you work full time, part-time, in an office, from home or stay home, we've been there. We're dealing with food allergies, sensitivities and picky eaters. Through Fourganic Sisters, we’re pooling that experience and resources to share with you via meal plans, recipes, money, and time-saving tips, “#momlife” hacks, grocery budgeting ideas, and more.

We hope you’ll join the four of us in the quest for clean eating and healthier futures for our families. It takes a virtual village, and we'd be so glad if you'd join ours.

Meet the Sisters

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I’m a Communications Specialist based near Nashville, married with three kids (soon-to-be kindergartner, toddler and a newborn). Our favorite family dinner is actually breakfast (despite the challenges of an egg allergy and Celiac disease).

I’m proud of a couple of special skills I believe elevate my mom game. 1.) I revel in the grocery game challenge of how much I can bring home with the least amount spent. 2.) Tell me the fridge is empty and the pantry bare and I’ll have a four-course meal ready in 30 minutes.

Self-care for me includes adventurous dates with my husband, sweating it out a Buti yoga class, and a good podcast. My favorites include Pantsuit Politics, For The Love, The West Wing Weekly (any fellow Wingnuts out there?!) and Revisionist History.

I’m a lifelong learner who is constantly working to continue my education.


I took a break from a decade-long career in television news to stay home with my three young children. I started learning about healthier eating habits while producing cooking and food-related segments during my stint in the news business.

When my family moved from two incomes to one, (shortly after birth of second child) I became an expert meal planner on a shoestring budget, mostly honed through late-night hours scouring Pinterest. I take pride in scratch cooking and letting little hands help in the kitchen. We like to garden but aren't great at it, (thanks to brownish thumbs and a thriving deer population in our neighborhood).

I love listening to audiobooks and podcasts and squeezing in an online barre workout a couple times a week, and I get total FOMO when I miss an episode of Jeopardy!


I’m a married mom of a preschooler, toddler, and rescue pup Day-Z. I’m a scientist in Cincinnati specializing in Dietary Supplements and botanical raw materials, so I’m a label reader who tries to avoid things like artificial dyes, hormone-filled animal products, and unnecessary additives.

Our kitchen is our retreat from our hectic work schedule and long commutes, with “fake out take out” being our specialty. Sunday meal prep is key to simplifying our week.

Fun fact about me: I’ve NEVER had a “normal” sandwich, including PB&J. Despite my dad’s 30-year sales career at a popular bread company, I wouldn’t touch the stuff. Too bad my mom didn’t have Pinterest for school lunch ideas She was an “outside-the-lunchbox” pioneer and set the bar high in the kitchen. 🙂



I’m the youngest and probably the bossiest in the group with the biggest heart and the biggest mouth. A WV native and Marshall grad (Go Herd!)- I’ve lived in NC and now in TN (Chattanooga to be specific). I’m married to Cedric with 2 girls (5 and 2) with one on the way.

A former Executive Recruiter, I decided to become a full-time stay at home mom in late 2018.

I have been budgeting ever since I moved out on my own at 18, which led to meal planning. There was nothing worse for me than having to throw out spoiled food that my minimum wage jobs (yes I had 3) had paid for. I made it a rule to never go to the grocery store hungry, without a plan or without a list, and it made all the difference. I still follow that rule and challenge myself every grocery trip to get as many items on sale as possible! Did I mention I hate paying full price for anything? My family might call me tight or cheap, but I like the title "savvy" much better.

I love being outside and yard work (is that weird?), chatting over coffee, Mexican food and margaritas (when I’m not pregnant), karaoke nights and exploring new places.