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7 Ways To Save On Your Next Kroger Trip

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You may be a veteran shopper who knows all the tips and tricks on how to score the best deal and save at Kroger. If so, this post may be old news to you. If you’re new to “Krogering”, here’s a quick overview on how to get the most bang for your buck and save money at Kroger. When they started their Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic line several years ago, it was a game-changer for our meal plans. Our town had recently been dubbed the “Unhealthiest City In America.” Having affordable organic options so close to home was so important for our community. The line has grown tremendously since then, and while we shop local farms, farmer’s markets and CSAs other local stores to supplement, Kroger offers organic choices for meat, dairy, produce, snacks, and even baby products and toiletries. Here are even more ways to save money at Kroger:

1.) Sign up for a Kroger Loyalty Card.

It’s free, takes just a moment, and you don’t even need to carry it with you. You can just enter an alternate phone number at checkout to still take advantage of whatever discounts or promotions are current. Read more about perks and sign up here.

2.) Download the App To Save At Kroger

This is one of the best grocery shopping apps out there. The pros- you can shop your local store in the app to make your own shopping list. I love that you can make several named lists because I feel like I have at least three or four lists going at a time. The app also shows current prices, so you can tell which items are on sale. Cons-you can’t tell if/when an item is out of stock.

Kroger App Fourganic Sisters

You can keep a list of your regular items for quick list building. You can also add digital coupons to your account in the app. My favorite feature of this is that you can add eligible items from the coupons directly to your shopping list (or cart if doing pickup or delivery).

Kroger Digital Coupons Fourganic Sisters

3.) Mega Event Sales To Save At Kroger

Every few weeks, Kroger runs “Mega Event” sales, where if you buy, say five participating items, you’ll get $5.00 off. Depending on the sale, you’ll likely find items from every available category, including dairy, snacks, frozen items, bread, toiletries, If you’re super into this kind of planning, web sites like or are pros at sharing the sale items and best deal scenarios (you can also stack coupons with these deals to save more.)

Kroger Buy 5 Save 5 Fourganic Sisters

4.) Pickup and Delivery Options

Not available everywhere, but if you just type in your zip code in the app you’ll find out if your store/s are participating. Your first three (curbside/store parking lot) pickup orders are free, and then $4.95 after, but they do often have coupons in the app for free pickup. Delivery is You’ll have to reserve your order four hours in advance for pickup and ?? for delivery. Some services like InstaCart also have Kroger shopping options.

5.) Fuel Points

Kroger Fuel Rewards Fourganic Sisters

Every 100 points you earn on your Kroger card, you’ll get $.10 off a gallon of gas. You can redeem up to $1.00 in fuel rewards during one visit. In the summer, they’ll often run specials for 2/X fuel points when you shop weekends, 4/X fuel points for gift card purchases, etc. You can also take part in the receipt survey on the bottom of the receipt to bank an extra 50 points every 7 days. Here’s more info.

6.) Manager’s Specials

I call these woo hoos!, because that’s what the tag says, and the discount definitely deserves a Woo Hoo!

Kroger Manager's Specials Fourganic Sisters

I always scour the produce and meat section for these. Organic mushrooms, salad mixes and chicken are things I can find on special nearly every visit. Depending on the store, I’ve found organic bread for a buck and change per loaf (it freezes great). Additionally, loaves of take-and-bake organic bread from the bakery are often marked down to $0.99-$1.79. (also freezes great).  I also always swing by the clearance produce section. I frequently find packages of 2-3 organic orange, red and/or yellow peppers for $0.99. They’re usually up to $2.49 each, so this is a great deal. Just make sure they aren’t mushy or slimy. I usually cut these up and freeze for stir-fries, soups, pasta or burrito bowls. Most stores also usually have a small section for shelf-stable manager’s specials, like crackers, cereal, canned goods, toiletries, etc. I’ve found great deals on Simple Truth Organic snacks in these sections.

Kroger Manager's Special Fourganic Sisters

If they’re running a big sale promoting Simple Truth products, check this section after the sale. They often order too much product and mark it down to clear shelf space after the sale (according to employees).

7. Cash Back Apps

I’ve been using Ibotta for a few years and have cashed in more than $400 in that time period.

Ibotta App Savings Fourganic Sisters

You can link it right to your Kroger card, and if you’ve added a rebate to your list, it will automatically redeem within 48 hours. I’m not extremely diligent about redeeming receipts as effectively as I could, so this is a great feature. They have a ton of bonus options. There are also ways to earn cash back by shopping online or even in-store by a pay-with-app feature. Even redeeming a receipt once or twice a month adds up quickly. We love to cash out Amazon gift cards for Christmas gifts, but they also have Paypal and many other payout options. If you want to try it, use this link and get an extra $10 back when you redeem your first offer!

Now that you’re ready to master the aisles to save at Kroger, check out these Kroger meal plans and grocery lists to get you started.

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