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5 Ways to Use an Aldi Goat Cheese Log

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Have you ever seen these adorable little logs of goat cheese from Aldi?

aldi goat cheese log honey

So cute, right? So affordable too! Each 4-ounce log is $1.99. They come in plain, honey (my favorite!), garlic and herb, and sometimes even seasonal flavors. (Think pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon!)

Even though I’ve had goat cheese in a number of salads or smooshed in a sandwich in a restaurant, the thought of using goat cheese in my own kitchen was a little intimidating. That may sound weird. I’m comfortable in a kitchen but have no formal training. I’m just a humble home cook trying to please a partner and three kids, semi-successfully. For some reason goat cheese just seemed like a fancy ingredient.

Enter Aldi. I started shopping there religiously around the time I became a mom (aka more frugal). Since then, our area has added a new, fancy location and a TON of affordable organic products. I picked up logs of goat cheese here and there, but wasn’t really sure what to do with them. Sometimes, I added a pinch or two to a salad and let the rest slowly mold in the fridge.

Now, I’m a lot more frugal and a lot more mindful of kitchen waste. I’ve experimented enough with goat cheese to pass on these five ways to use it. (Or use leftovers up.) A little goes a long way with goat cheese. It’s a frugal way to add a lot of flavor and texture to a recipe.

1.) Add Goat Cheese to a Salad

The honey goat cheese is especially extraordinary added to a salad bursting with fresh fruit in late spring or summer. Simply crumble it on top of your favorite salad. (You can see it at work here in this kid-friendly salad bar idea!)

goat cheese in a salad

2.) Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese

This idea was inspired by the addition of goat cheese to a few of my favorite sandwiches at local spots. It is SO, SO yummy and gooey. Again, I like the honey goat cheese for this combo, but you can mix and match your own favorite ingredients.

ingredients for goat cheese grilled cheese sandwich

Butter two slices of bread and add goat cheese on the inside. Layer on thinly sliced apple and a handful or arugula, spinach, or spring mix. Smoosh bread together and cook on medium heat till each side is nice and toasty golden brown.

Closeup of goat cheese apple grilled cheese with sweet potato wedges and apple slices

We also add the garlic and herb flavor to a mushroom melt recently and it was definitely drool worthy.

3.) Add it To Pizza

Naan pizzas are one of our favorite ways to pizza in this house. Quick, easy, frugal, and fun for the kids to build their own mini pizza. Try crumbling the garlic herb goat cheese to the top of a pizza filled with Mediterranean-style goodies like kalamata olives, artichokes, grape tomatoes, etc.

4.) Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese

I had about a half a log of the herbed goat cheese log left recently, after adding to some naan pizzas. I decided to crumble it in some scrambled eggs as they were cooking. Great decision. It really livened up the eggs (I can’t believe Food Network hasn’t reached out with descriptive narratives like this!?) The goat cheese addition made them extra creamy.

5.) Pasta with Goat Cheese

Tomato Goat Cheese Pasta via Salt and Lavender

Natasha’s Tomato Goat Cheese Pasta recipe over at Salt and Lavender is divine! She has so many quick and easy (and super tasty) recipes on her site. This way to use goat cheese is no exception.

Before You Go…

So, there you have it. I hope we gave you some new ideas to try out the Aldi goat cheese. Let us know in the comments what you’ll try first. Do you already have a favorite way to use goat cheese? Before you go, could you pin this to your favorite Pinterest board for later? We’d appreciate it so much. Thanks friends! 🙂

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