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10 No-Fuss Dinner Ideas For Trick-or-Treat Night

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Trick or treat seems like it’s always one of those nights that is stressful, no matter your kids’ ages. One of the first years we actually took our oldest trickor-treating, the streets were already streaming with little princesses and superheroes by the time I drove home from work. Try navigating that chaos and judgy looks when you’re just trying to get home to take your own kid to do the same! Depending on how complicated costumes are, you probably want something quick, easy, and preferably mess-free. Check out these 10 no-fuss options for easy Halloween dinner ideas to make your trick-or-treat night a little less scary.

1. Not-so-spooky mummy dogs

My kids saw these adorable mummy dogs on a crescent roll commercial and begged to make them last year.

kid-friendly Halloween recipes fourganic sisters

They were super easy and a definite kid crowd-pleaser. We don’t do hot dogs frequently, and when we do, we grab the organic, grass-fed dogs (Simply Nature Organic) from Aldi, or the Applegate version (they have organic and grass-fed options).

healthier mummy dogs fourganic sisters

Don’t look too closely at the final pictures. My two-year-old decided she wanted to bite through the hot dog package because… toddlers. We also use Annie’s Organic Crescent Rolls for the mummy dogs. It’s a perfect little afterschool project for little hands.

mummy dogs trick-or-treat fourganic sisters

Separate the triangles. I use scissors to do a few quip snips for easy wrapping. Then place a wiener in the middle and crisscross the strips of crescent rolls around the dog. Bake according to roll package. These are the finished project of my four and six-year-olds (and the bite-marked heads courtesy of the two-year-old #reallife)

mummy dogs fourganic sisters

We’ve tried to do a cute Halloween-shaped pasta before trick-or-treating, but no one has that big of an appetite and it can be a little messy to clean up if you have to change into costumes.

2. Grab-and-go sliders

Grab-and-go sliders are a great option for nights like this. You can do ham and cheese sliders, pizza sliders, turkey/cheese, etc.

3. Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas

Quesadillas are always a kid-win dinner, and these Jack-o-lantern quesadillas from are an adorable way to join in the Halloween fun for trick-or-treat night.

4. Pepperoni Rolls

If you’ve got a little more time, pepperoni rolls are a kid crowd-pleaser.

Fourganic Sisters homemade pepperoni rolls

5. Snackables

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My family never complains when we do snackables. This is just kind of like snacks on steroids (enough to satiate for a full meal). Cut up fruits and/or veggies, deli meat, cheese, and crackers, etc. (Bonus for divided plates) Super low-key, and definitely tops the list for easy Halloween dinner ideas.

fourganic sisters easy dinners for kids

6. Frozen Pizza

Of course you can just order a pizza or make your own, but if there were ever a night destined for a simple frozen pizza, Trick-or-Treat night is it. It’s exactly why we put it in our 10 Things To Buy When Your Budget Has Wiggle Room post.

7. Simple Sandwiches

When in doubt, a simple PB & J will do the trick! If you want to make it fancy, check out these cute Halloween cookie cutters.

8. ghost pizza bagels

You could also use the Halloween cookie cutters to do these cute little pizza bagels. Find the tutorial here at

other easy options for trick-or-treat night

9. slow cooker soup

If you don’t have to go out with trick-or-treaters, I’ve always loved to do a slow cooker soup on Halloween. Great options for this would be:

A Hearty Beef Chili

Chicken Noodle Soup

-Tomato Soup

10. Buffalo chicken chili

fourganic sisters white chicken chili

Sometimes it’s 70 degrees on trick-or-treat night, and sometimes it’s 40, so it just depends on the year and the weather for what makes sense.

keep Halloween healthier

If you’re looking for some healthier options for trick-or-treating or a Halloween party, check out this post here for healthier candy options, healthy ideas for non-candy treats, and some non-food ideas as well.

So tell us, what are your favorite easy Halloween dinner ideas? Anything we missed? Happy Halloween!


  1. Hannah
    Hannah October 24, 2019

    I love these! It’s awesome that they’re all relatively easy and quick to make too!

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